May. 9th, 2007

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I think I wouldn't be too far off if I were to say right now that [ profile] goldy_dollar and I are COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH YOU ALL. Seriously. We've been completely bowled over by your responses and are literally CHOMPING AT THE BIT waiting to read your fics. Except ... we're not horses. We're tired-out university students. You have made [ profile] goldy_dollar's analysis of government documents and my computational fluid dynamics SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE. And for that, we thank you.

So the deal is this: when you finish your fic, you must post it here with the header [ profile] goldy_dollar suggested (just copy, paste, and fill in, taking special care to mention Season 3 spoilers!):

I have now given posting access to everybody who signed up for a prompt. If you signed up for a prompt but have not yet joined the community, I obviously couldn't do that ... so join, poke me, and you'll get posting access so you can be set to go when you finish writing.

Don't forget to grab a beta or two. They really do make life more fun, and fics more polished. :) Feel free to use this community (and your shiny posting access) to seek them out, too -- we all want to read and write Ten/Inara fanfiction. It's why we're here.


(Soon: expect a post from my gorgeous co-mod in honor of all the WONDERFUL people who have made us icons, banners, and other goodies. Bless you.)
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Big thanks to [ profile] locker_monster and [ profile] greyfable for these *amazing* [ profile] sonic_tea icons. Feel free to snag, only remember to credit, and please don’t hotlink. :D

Ten/Inara icons. )
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Sorry for the spam. I was going to make everything into one post, but it ended up looking really cluttered. Anyway, for organizational purposes, here's a participant masterlist. I'll put in links to your fics after they're posted. :)

Masterlist of Participants
If you’d like to sign up or choose a second prompt, go here.
Participant Masterlist )

If I’ve missed you or you haven’t been given posting access, reply to this post and let me know!

Remember, fics are due on June 20. :D


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