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Awesome Ten/Inara ficathon devotees,

Just wanted to remind you: [livejournal.com profile] sonic_tea fics are due one month from today. That is, June 20. HOWEVER, you are MORE (more!) than welcome to post fics anytime between now and then.

Need a beta? Want to volunteer your sonictastic editing skills? Head over to the Catchall Beta Post! Or at least bookmark it for later.

And third, if you're signed up to write, make sure you're a member so we can give you posting access. Or drop a comment if you ARE signed up to write and you ARE a member and you still don't have posting access. It'll get fixed right away. :D

Also: feel free to check out our new layout, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] greyfable. It's just so pretty!

Happy Ten/Inara ficcing!
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Is it just me, or is June 20 taking FOREVER to get here? ALL I WANT TO DO IS READ AND WRITE TEN/INARA. ALL I WANT TO DO. That, and eat peanut butter sandwiches.

Anyway, if you find yourself lacking in sonic-tea-ness, feel free to polish your fic to a fine sheen! [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I hereby declare the Catchall Beta Post. If you'd like to make your services available as a beta-reader, leave a comment to this post with a bit of information about your strengths and what you like to read, and then all the lovely ficathon authors will be able to scroll through and find you easily! Authors, feel free to comment as well -- I'm certainly planning on both writing and editing for this fantabulous shindig.

So if you're looking for a Ten/Inara beta of AWESOME, it is my sincere hope that you'll find everyone you need right here. Have fun.

(I was just thinking, if you stirred around your tea with the sonic screwdriver, would that make your tea look blue? ... Do I need to seek some kind of professional therapy service?)
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Sorry for the spam. I was going to make everything into one post, but it ended up looking really cluttered. Anyway, for organizational purposes, here's a participant masterlist. I'll put in links to your fics after they're posted. :)

Masterlist of Participants
If you’d like to sign up or choose a second prompt, go here.
Participant Masterlist )

If I’ve missed you or you haven’t been given posting access, reply to this post and let me know!

Remember, fics are due on June 20. :D
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Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] locker_monster and [livejournal.com profile] greyfable for these *amazing* [livejournal.com profile] sonic_tea icons. Feel free to snag, only remember to credit, and please don’t hotlink. :D

Ten/Inara icons. )
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I think I wouldn't be too far off if I were to say right now that [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I are COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH YOU ALL. Seriously. We've been completely bowled over by your responses and are literally CHOMPING AT THE BIT waiting to read your fics. Except ... we're not horses. We're tired-out university students. You have made [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar's analysis of government documents and my computational fluid dynamics SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE. And for that, we thank you.

So the deal is this: when you finish your fic, you must post it here with the header [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar suggested (just copy, paste, and fill in, taking special care to mention Season 3 spoilers!):

I have now given posting access to everybody who signed up for a prompt. If you signed up for a prompt but have not yet joined the community, I obviously couldn't do that ... so join, poke me, and you'll get posting access so you can be set to go when you finish writing.

Don't forget to grab a beta or two. They really do make life more fun, and fics more polished. :) Feel free to use this community (and your shiny posting access) to seek them out, too -- we all want to read and write Ten/Inara fanfiction. It's why we're here.


(Soon: expect a post from my gorgeous co-mod in honor of all the WONDERFUL people who have made us icons, banners, and other goodies. Bless you.)
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Tea so good it’s SONIC: The Ten/Inara Ficathon

-Okay, I see why you might enjoy writing Doctor Who/Firefly crossovers, but why Ten and Inara?

There are the similarities. They’re both independent, commitment-phobic people who avoid making ties and inevitably fail miserably at it. They both have the capacity for deep compassion and caring; even for complete strangers. They both have mysterious pasts and they resist letting others get too close. They’re both intelligent and pragmatic. They’ve both found love and had their hearts broken by it. And from a purely superficial standpoint, they’re both very, very good-looking.

They would just compliment each other so beautifully—all intuitive understandings and unnecessary words. Because S3 Ten is broken and Inara is a natural healer. Because her lifestyle and status would fascinate him. Because she could keep up with his intellect and challenge him. Because crossovers are just so much fun, and there really aren’t enough of them.

But most importantly: it is fanfiction and we can. SO BRING ON THAT SONIC TEA.

-Sounds sonictastic, how do I participate?

Claim a prompt. Write a fic. Get it in on time. This ficathon aims to be as easy and as flexible as possible. The world NEEDS more crazy crossover Ten/Inara fics.


-Respond to this post and claim a prompt by May 20. Or two prompts. We’re not really that picky. More than one person can do the same prompt.
-Fic deadline: June 20.
-Having a beta is strongly recommended.
-All ratings are fair game as are other pairings/characters, but your fic must focus on the dynamic between the Tenth Doctor and Inara.
-In your header for your fic, please include:
Spoilers: (Particularly for S3 of Doctor Who, which has yet to air in either the U.S. or Canada.)
-If you finish your fic before the deadline and want to write another one, there will be arguments from no one. In fact, you might even get cookies. Virtual cookies.

Prompts Behind Cut )


Apr. 8th, 2007 03:48 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and I are currently scheming about this ficathon!

We will return in the near future to make a Proclamation of some sort, at which point it will be okay for everyone to start publicizing things.

For now, please wait with bated breath. TEN/INARA FICATHON OF AWESOME.
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